Joe Biden Says ‘Dreamers’ Kept Economy Going During Coronavirus

Joe Biden Says ‘Dreamers’ Kept Economy Going During Coronavirus

Joe Biden credited Latinos and so-called “Dreamers” with keeping the U.S. economy going during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Latino Victory on Tuesday, Biden attacked President Donald Trump for waging war on “rapist Mexicans” from the time he came down the “elevator” at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy.

Seemingly reading a teleprompter or notes near the camera, Biden rattled off the “crises” he believes are afflicting the country.

“As a nation, we’re facing multiple crises at once. A public health crisis, an economic crisis, a racial crisis, and a climate crisis. We need leadership that takes them all three, all four of those things seriously,” he said, quickly correcting himself.

Moments later, Biden seemed to be hung up on the number of Latino children in schools.

“One-quarter of our schoolchildren — one-quarter are Latinos — speak Spanish. One-quarter! How in God’s name can we have a strong, thriving Republic if we don’t fully deal in Latinos in every aspect of American life?” he said, before adding, “One quarter!”

Biden quickly corrected himself when he misstated when his ancestors emigrated to America, first saying 1830, then 1849.

“Who the hell is keeping us going during this entire pandemic?” Biden said, appearing disgusted.

“Latinos. You have thou — you have hundreds and hundreds of Dreamers out there who are the ones who are taking care of people,” he said.

As he concluded, Biden said, “Together, I think, uh, I think we can do this. I really do.”

Biden was formally nominated for president during the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night. He is expected to accept the nomination on Thursday.

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