Italian Regions Demand Govt Allow Reopening of Shops Starting May 11th

Italian Regions Demand Govt Allow Reopening of Shops Starting May 11th

Several Italian regions have demanded their shops and restaurants be allowed to start reopening on Monday, and the economy gradually opened up more as the month goes on.

The autonomous region of South Tyrol voted 28 to one in its regional council to begin lifting restrictions this week after it saw a second consecutive day with no new Chinese coronavirus cases, and will allow several industries to reopen their doors on Monday.

The industries allowed to open their doors will include restaurants, hairdressers and beauty salons, museums, libraries, and youth centres. All of those allowed to reopen will do so under social distancing rules and other health precautions.

“After Rome did not listen to the requests for a regional differentiation of the measures for weeks, we decided to undertake our autonomous legislative path and the region wants to face phase two in the name of applying its autonomy,” said South Tyrol governor Arno Kompatscher.

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Governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga, a member of Matteo Salvini’s League, agreed with the South Tyrolean move, saying: “We ask that the guidelines for the reopening of the retail trade be ready by Sunday to be able to reopen from Monday.”

Fedriga said that retail would reopen Monday but the region would wait until the 18th of May to start opening other businesses.

He added that he wanted to look out for small business owners, slamming the government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte: “I personally find it very difficult to justify the government’s choice to allow companies with three thousand employees to open and to impose closure on a handbag shop.”

Other European countries have also begun opening up their economies in recent weeks, including Denmark, which will allow shopping centres to start opening on May 18th and announced “phase three” this week which will begin on June 8th.

Phase three will involve the opening of amusement parks, sports stadiums, museums, colleges, and cinemas across the country. Gatherings will also be increased from ten to either thirty or fifty people.

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