Hillary Clinton Takes Aim at Donald Trump over Coronavirus Response

Hillary Clinton Takes Aim at Donald Trump over Coronavirus Response

Hillary Clinton criticized President Donald Trump on Thursday over his response to the coronavirus pandemic, spelling out several policy solutions in a tweet that she thinks the White House should heed.

The failed 2016 Democrat presidential nominee in a tweet pointed to actions such as quarantines and federally-mandated paid sick leave as actions the Trump administration should get behind.

I know this is all hard for you, @realdonaldtrump, so let me spell it out:

– Free testing
– Fee waivers
– Emergency sick leave
– Quarantines
– Cancellations
– Giving a damn

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) March 12, 2020

Several of Clinton’s suggestions were included in House Democrats’ version of legislation meant to stimulate the economy during the coronavirus crisis.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Thursday she was open to hearing suggestions from Republicans on how to change the legislation but it was her main intention to pass the legislation through the House.

“We have had ongoing conversations about it. We will be bringing the bill to the floor,” she said. “We’ve given a good deal of time for them to review the package, and we’ll go from there.”

Despite what Clinton thinks, Trump has already done some of the things on her list. He suspended all travel from the European Union for 30 days, causing the cancellation of many flights and events of more than 1,000 people, and Vice President Mike Pence said Americans returning from Europe will be screened and asked to self-quarantine.

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