Gretchen Whitmer Silent After Governor’s Office Attacked by Rioters

Gretchen Whitmer Silent After Governor’s Office Attacked by Rioters

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) office building was attacked in downtown Lansing on Sunday, and so far, she has not responded to that, or the other destruction in the capital city.

The George Romney Building — named after Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-UT) father — suffered damage after rioters broke several windows and sprayed graffiti on pillars.

Vandalism at the Romney Building. pic.twitter.com/v3wtA1JGDm

— Mikenzie Frost (@MikenzieFrost) June 1, 2020

Photos also showed plantings overturned.

Here’s the smashed Romney building window. This is the building where the governor’s office is. pic.twitter.com/ofbDlJPlTR

— Craig Mauger (@CraigDMauger) June 1, 2020

WILX reporter Seth Wells followed the rioters as at least one smashed windows with a metal pipe:

Things are escalating badly in downtown Lansing. I tried to stay at a safe distance but things are getting dangerous. @wilxTV pic.twitter.com/khvAV2Ijyf

— Seth Wells (@SethTVSports) June 1, 2020

A photo from Wells:

Possibly a symbolic picture tonight as the city of Lansing has seen plenty of destruction already. @wilxTV pic.twitter.com/rjMlini0un

— Seth Wells (@SethTVSports) June 1, 2020

State police in riot gear soon later appeared:

Law enforcement are now guarding the Romney. https://t.co/ZbxdLjxnx8 pic.twitter.com/QhHOEOq8KO

— Mikenzie Frost (@MikenzieFrost) June 1, 2020

Vandals also hit the Boji Tower, which is located next to the Romney Building and across from the state capitol.

Boji Tower windows still getting smashed. pic.twitter.com/xzU2Ao9h9N

— Craig Mauger (@CraigDMauger) June 1, 2020

As of 11:30 p.m. ET Sunday night, Whitmer has not publicly commented on the violent “protesters.”

On Saturday, she “encouraged” cities to create “areas for peaceful demonstrations.”

“Communities are hurting, having felt that calls for equity, justice, safety, and opportunity have gone unheard for too long,” Whitmer and Lt. Gov. Garland Gilchrist said.

“The First Amendment right to protest has never been more important, and in this moment when we are still battling a killer virus, it is crucial that those who choose to demonstrate do so peacefully, and in a way that follows social distancing guidelines to protect public health.”

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