GOP Sen. Hawley: We’re Watching ‘the Democrats’ Case Just Fall Apart’

GOP Sen. Hawley: We’re Watching ‘the Democrats’ Case Just Fall Apart’

During an interview that aired Wednesday on the Fox News Channel, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) weighed in on the possibility of some Senate Democrats voting along with Republicans to acquit President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial currently underway.

Hawley told FNC’s Tucker Carlson the case falling apart and pointed to the shifting of the claims of wrongdoing by the House managers.

“I think it is very possible, Tucker,” he said. “I think what it tells you is they just don’t have the case. I think we’re really watching here with the questioning tonight the Democrats case just fall apart. I just came from the floor. We’re in recess here. Adam Schiff just said on the floor this case is all about bribery. It’s about extortion. That’s what is going on here. But the House didn’t charge bribery or extortion. They didn’t allege any of that in their articles of impeachment. I mean, it leaves you wondering why are we here? They don’t even know. I think the Democrats are sensing that, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we picked up some votes.”

Carlson asked Hawley what that might mean for the Democrats that do vote for acquittal.

“I think they’re just going to have to admit — well, listen this was ill-advised from the beginning. What it really has been is a partisan attempt to overturn an election. I mean, that is what this really comes down to. They don’t like the president. They’ve never liked the president. They wanted to impeach him from day one. They were hellbent on doing it. And now, oops, they accidentally did it, and they can’t prove a case because there isn’t a case. And they’re putting the whole country through this, Tucker. That’s why it is time to bring this to an end. Let’s vote. We’ve heard the evidence. They don’t have a case. Let’s vote.”

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