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Geopay.me Inc prepares ICO for Fall of 2018 for their New Blockchain Platform


Geopay.me Inc, a US Based FinTech company has been working on a completely new blockchain bank platform which will support a number of services and processes across both Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain networks. The new Bank will be a public company and will be operating in Malta under EU and Maltese cryptocurrency guidelines.

iBlockchain Bank & Trust (IBBT) plans to carry out a complete convergence of a blockchain banking system already under beta testing that supports blockchain banking and traditional banking by 2020. IBBT is on schedule to release both a Tokenized Security and Token offer in the fall of 2018.

Welcome to IBBT™

IBBT is an acronym for ‘iBlockchain Bank and Trust’, a new financial service created by Geopay.me Inc Co-founders Tony Valamontes and John Karantonis. This new bank will be founded as a new Public entity operating under the EU banking and cryptocurrency guidelines in the Nation of Malta.

IBBT Services to be offered:

  • Provide a simple and easy API process for Traditional Banks to offer cryptocurrency access and liquidity to their customers. ( simple and trusted way to bring cryptocurrency convergence to traditional banking).

  • New API for Traditional Remittance organization to integrate Cryptocurrencies for easier value transport around the world.

  • Digital Assets Deposit Accounts for 50+ Coins and Tokens

  • Provide instant crypto to crypto exchange via an API offered by Doecoins.com (Github)

  • Robust Risk Management plan to reduce the risk to asset losses protected by insurance.

  • Mobile Multi-currency Wallet (UberPay) that includes real price exchange with a Buy/Sell option.

  • Digital Assets Protection up to $100,000 USD for all Crypto Deposits.

  • Private Ethereum and Tokens Vaults with access only by the owner.

  • Makers/Takers Internal Exchange.

  • 3rd Party ICO Offer Platform with full KYC/AML verification process.

  • Open Exchange Marketplace for anyone to buy 3rd Party Tokens/Tokenized Securities and Coins.

  • Open Exchange Marketplace for Token or Tokenized Securities Owners to sell their tokens.

  • Custodial Service to maintain tokenized securities for 3rd parties.

  • Customer choice to record all internal IBBT transactions on two blockchains, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

  • Easy conversion to Fiat (EUR/USD) and SEPA Transfer

  • Debit Visa/MC Account access

  • Remittance Service to allow easy access between fiat and cryptocurrency transfer

  • Withdrawal access at partner Crypto ATM locations.

  • KYC/AML Compliance with the utmost privacy protection under the law for depositors.

  • Escrow Services for IBBT’s RealBlock™for PRE and CRE tokenized commercial real estate markets.

  • Crypto Assets Insurance Services.

  • Support the Token Industrials Average Index (.TIA) Learn More Here

  • GEO Credits (GEO) an internal wallet that reduces transaction time, costs and eliminates potential theft for all IBBT account holders.

  • Multiple Tier withdrawal verification processes chosen by account holders. (Most counter-party verification wallets do not give a choice to change who is the 2nd or 3rd party once service is activated) IBBT offers the Account holder the option to select or change at any time which tier they like to have when they withdraw their funds.

  • Instant and easy funds transfer within IBBT account holders.

  • Point of Sale Kiosks and Future Partner Locations (etc. 7-11 and similar convenience stores in Asia, Australia, USA, Japan, Taiwan) for purchasing Token/Securities or exchanging Fiat/Crypto to vise versa value.

The birth of a decentralized open market

IBBT & BBT Private and Public Offers

IBBT has scheduled an ICO in fall of 2018. IBBT will issue 100 Million IBBT erc20 Tokens and 10 Million erc20 BBT Tokenized Securities.

  • 29.8 Million of the IBBT tokens will be offered through the ICO for the par value of $0.70/IBBT

  • 1 Million BBT Tokenized Securities will be offered alongside the IBBT Tokens through the ICO for the same par value of $0.70/BBT

Private Placement Offer & Pre ICO

Geopay.me Inc., Founders and Private Partners hold 70% of the IBBT’s equity. In our business model we have established a 1:1 ration between IBBT and BBT T-Shares for co-founder members, this, in turn, means that for every 1 BBT security token acquired 1 IBBTwill be issued free. The 20% will be distributed in the following offer:

Option: Single Participants up to 25 or a consortium of participants

  1. For a single investor or a group up to 25 investors, the 2 million Tokenized shares (T-Shares) are discounted at 82%. The 20% Equity is assigned to a group we refer to as CoFounding Members. The 2 Million Tokenized shares have an estimated value of $1.4 Million dollars based on post-ICO projects.

  2. Minimum Participation is $10K or approximately 80,000 BBT T-Shares. (for more details contract J. Karantonis or A. Valamontes via email or PM) Estimated value post-ICO $56,000 USD.

  3. 80,000 IBBT tokens are air-dropped for every 80K BBT cofounder member token holders. Estimated post-ICO value $56,000 USD.

  4. Founders and CoFounders members have a 24 month Vested Period for IBBT and BBTT-Share.

  5. cofounders Bonus: All cofounders (1-25) will have an immutable percentage reward from all transactions in all smart contracts created by IBBT (etc. 0.00125%) [note: % not determined yet].

Public Placement Offer – TSO

The remains 10% of BBT will be offered through a TSO in the following manner:

For TSO: BBT T-Share

  1. One Million BBT Tokenized shares will be available for purchase by the public (some restrictions may apply).

  2. Par Value per BBT T-Share is $0.70, with a min purchase of 100 BBT T-Shares.

  3. IBBT offers an air-drop reward of 0.07 IBBT Tokens per 1 BBT T-Share or 7 IBBT/100 BBT T-Shares.

Public Placement Offer – ICO

From the 100 million IBBT Tokens, 29.8% or 29.8 Million of IBBT ERC20 Tokens will be offered through an ICO in the following manner:

For ICO: IBBT Token

  1. 29.8 Million IBBT Tokens will be available for purchase to the public (some restrictions may apply).

  2. Par Value per IBTT Token is $0.70, with a min purchase of 1000 BBT Shares.

  3. IBBT offers an air-drop reward of 0.007 IBBT Tokens per 1 IBBT Share or 7 IBBT/1000 IBBT Tokens.

IBBT Bonus and Rewards

  • 8 Million IBBT Tokens are set aside to reward Account creation and other Reward Air-Drops.

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