Gaetz: Dems Have ‘Post-Partum Depression’ After Birthing Impeachment | Breitbart

Gaetz: Dems Have ‘Post-Partum Depression’ After Birthing Impeachment | Breitbart

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) described House Democrats as having a “post-partum depression” in the wake of passing articles of impeachment.

The Florida Republican also noted that the impeachment saga had not gone well for them in a political context given polling on impeachment has “inverted” upon its start.

“Democrats are becoming the one-hit wonder where it’s only impeachment, he said. “Now I guess they’ve got like post-partum depression because they’ve birth this impeachment out and they’re sad that they won’t be able to continue to litigate it but what’s strange about this politically, Ed, is that the more they talk about impeachment in open hearings, the worse things get for them.”

“The Real Clear Politics polling average on impeachment inverted when Democrats started holding public hearings because the American people got to see how thin their case was,” Gaetz continued. “They should be through with this. We should all have a new year’s resolution to be done with impeachment and investigations, and let’s actually put the American people first. Let’s make their agenda, our agenda, and not just fuel political ambition.”
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