French Tourist Slashed in the Neck in Random Attack in New York City

French Tourist Slashed in the Neck in Random Attack in New York City

A French tourist was randomly slashed in the neck on Friday as he was on a walk with his girlfriend through New York City’s Harlem neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan.

The unidentified couple was walking around Harlem around 11:30 a.m. when a stranger ran up to the man and allegedly slashed him across his face and neck using a knife, the New York Post reported.

“One of my customers ran in asking me if I could speak French. He said someone got cut on the neck but [that the victim] wasn’t speaking English,” said Oliver Dominguez, a worker at the nearby Maya Hardware Store.

Police said the tourist and the girlfriend had been walking out of an IHOP on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard at West 135th Street when the alleged unprovoked attack took place.

The attacker allegedly brandished his knife, slashed his victim, and fled the scene.

When police arrived at the scene, they discovered the victim— who was in New York City visiting friends— with a laceration to his neck.

Medics took the man to Harlem Hospital, where doctors listed him in critical but stable condition.

Police have yet to find a suspect, and the search for the attacker is ongoing.

This is not the first unprovoked slasher attack to happen in New York City in the past month. Police said a man slashed a 19-year-old in the head on Wednesday.

At the end of last month, police said a woman was slashed in the face with a knife by an “irate” passenger on a Brooklyn bus after her child threw up.

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