FNC’s Smith on the Sharpie Hurricane Map: ‘Some Things in Trumplandia Are Inexplicable’

FNC’s Smith on the Sharpie Hurricane Map: ‘Some Things in Trumplandia Are Inexplicable’

Thursday on Fox News Channel, anchor Shepard Smith discussed President Donald Trump allegedly using a Sharpie to alter a Hurricane Dorian weather map.

Smith said, “Some things in Trumplandia are inexplicable. This week’s edition, the President’s ongoing claim that Alabama was at risk from hurricane Dorian. It wasn’t. Maybe he got some bad info, somebody, maybe he made a mistake. Maybe he was confused. We don’t know. But he was wrong. And since, for days and days, he’s been insisting with fake visual aids in hand that he was right. It all began on Sunday morning. President Trump tweeted just before 11:00 A.M., ‘In addition to Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama, will most likely be hit much harder than anticipated.’ That was not accurate. Yet he said it again later that day at the FEMA briefing from the White House.”

He continued, “Everybody makes mistakes. Instead the next day, the president blamed the media for his own inaccurate warning and started to rewrite history on the matter. Yesterday he continued, and he added doctored graphics to the narrative. The president on television took a national hurricane center forecast that somebody had doctored with a Sharpie or something. The forecast showed East Coast Dorian, the sharpie’s magical addition added Alabama on the Gulf Coast. Completely Dorian free. Why would the president of the United States do this? He decries fake news that isn’t and disseminates fake news that is.”

He added, “It was fake news defined on a very serious subject, and yet he forged on.”

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