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Erik Finman: My Cryptocurrency Will Kill Libra – and Replace Bitcoin

Erik Finman: My Cryptocurrency Will Kill Libra – and Replace Bitcoin

Erik Finman says bitcoin will be replaced.

Crypto millionaire Erik Finman says bitcoin is being replaced by Facebook’s Libra. But he says his app Metal Pay is the “Libra killer.” | Source: Erik Finman/Twitter (i), Shutterstock (ii). Image Edited by CCN.

By CCN Markets: Crypto millionaire Erik Finman says bitcoin “is being replaced” by Facebook’s Libra. But he insists that his cryptocurrency, Metal Pay, is the “Libra Killer.”

The 20-year-old entrepreneur made the ballsy claims in a blog post at Wall Street Playboys. Moreover, Finman boldly declared that the Metal Pay payments platform can supplant both bitcoin and Libra.

Finman: Bitcoin is a dinosaur like MySpace

Finman says the reason why BTC will go extinct like MySpace did is because its adoption has stalled irretrievably.

In addition, he warns that Facebook’s Libra is aggressively coming to crush bitcoin. That’s exactly what the social media monopoly did to its early competitors.

“Much like MySpace was replaced by Facebook, it looks like Facebook’s Libra ‘cryptocurrency’ is trying to do the same to Bitcoin,” Finman observed. “If you’re someone who believes in cryptocurrency and what it represents, Libra is your worst nightmare.”

Finman: Bitcoin is not practical

Finman wrote that while BTC has raised mainstream awareness of crypto, it has now hit a ceiling. And there are three main reasons for this:

  • Regulatory murkiness.
  • High fees and long transaction times.
  • Crypto community infighting.

“Bitcoin’s adoption has stalled, and the barrier to its continued growth appears too tough to crack,” Finman wrote. “This isn’t necessarily about its value as an investment – being treated like ‘digital gold’ is fine for a cryptocurrency that is seen as a way of getting rich – but more about Bitcoin’s use as an actual currency.”

Lack of regulatory clarity is a problem

Finman says continued regulatory murkiness about whether BTC is a commodity or a currency has damaged its viability as a mainstream investment.

Because of this lack of clarity, Finman says bitcoin is languishing in “this weird middle ground,” where it can be used to make purchases, but is often viewed as a store of value.

This ambiguity has also raised the hackles of the IRS, which recently sent 10,000 threatening letters warning crypto investors to pay their taxes.

This unfortunate image that bitcoiners have as tax evaders will inhibit further adoption, Finman says.

“As long as regulations are a mess, Bitcoin’s growth won’t move much,” Finman said. “If you want institutional investors to get on board, you need to make this less murky.”

Crabs in a bucket

Finman pointed out that high transaction costs and long processing times are further deterrents to mass adoption.

Finally, Finman says petty infighting is inhibiting bitcoin’s growth. He notes that “competing factions, unstable forks, and misinformation” are holding it back from reaching its full potential.

“What’s the difference between Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, and countless other forks? Which is the ‘real’ Bitcoin? These are questions that people have and the answers vary depending on who you ask.

This chaos is hurting Bitcoin’s ability to solve problems and become better. Every time fixes are proposed to enhance Bitcoin’s performance, there’s a risk that it will just create another fork and further fragment the community.”

Finman: Metal Pay is the future of crypto

While rattling off all the problems he claims will render bitcoin extinct, Erik Finman touted Metal Pay, the crypto startup he insists will take down Libra.

Finman is the lead investor in the peer-to-peer payments platform, which he developed with founder/CEO Marshall Hayner.

Metal Pay is the “first ever all-in-one digital banking platform for cryptocurrency,” he said. The crypto entrepreneur boasted that Metal Pay already has a working app, a “thriving marketplace, and a loyal user base.”

Finman says Metal Pay is exactly what Libra wants to be, but will never become because it’s being assailed from all sides by regulators.

Erik Finman unveils bitcoin Libra Killer Metal Pay
Erik Finman says the cryptocurrency and payment platform Metal Pay can “kill” Libra and supplant bitcoin. | Source: MetalPay.com

On the Metal Pay website, Finman says he’s so confident in the future of his project that he’s prepared to invest all his bitcoin holdings in it. And he suggests you hop on-board his revolution.

Why? Because Finman says that while bitcoin is great, it’s “flawed in the way that the Ford Model T was flawed — good for its time, but not the future of its industry.”

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