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Edward Snowden to Reveal How Social Media Spies on Users

Edward Snowden to Reveal How Social Media Spies on Users

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Leaker Edward Snowden has created new online accounts on which he will tip his hand to how social media keeps tabs on users. | Source: YouTube

Whistleblower Edward Snowden is back, and he is about to share more of his deepest and darkest secrets in a new tell-all memoir. Snowden, a former CIA employee, has written a new book aptly entitled “Permanent Record.” The former contractor with the National Security Agency (NSA) will apparently disclose how he managed to gather and leak top-secret documents that he swiped from the NSA in the largest data dump ever. In sharing those documents with journalists, he let Americans know about Big Brother’s plans to spy on them across channels including electronic mail, SMS, and phone calls. There’s no telling what other secrets will be revealed, and the book will be released in nearly two dozen countries on Sept. 17, aka Constitution Day. Snowden’s social media followers are calling him a hero.

You don’t have to wait until next month for the details. Snowden has created new online accounts on which he will tip his hand to how social media platforms keep tabs on users. He is targeting Facebook and Instagram to start and in doing so is placing a bullseye on the back of Mark Zuckerberg. Snowden tweeted:

These are my new accounts on other platforms. In the weeks ahead, I aim to explain how each of these site spies on you, and methods to limit how much they know about you. If you use them, keep an eye out.https://t.co/kbyQQe95oNhttps://t.co/6Jvkgu9zyPhttps://t.co/VU7jL8qV9r

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) August 1, 2019

In a YouTube post, Snowden reveals that he bears some of the blame for the system in which privacy has fallen by the wayside:

“Everything that we do now lasts forever. Not because we want to remember but because we’re no longer allowed to forget. Helping to create that system is my greatest regret.”

He cited the popular “feeling cute might delete” meme on Instagram. One of his millions of followers replied: “NSA: Believe me I won’t let you delete this.”

Pardon Edward Snowden?

Donald Trump back in 2014 called Snowden a “spy,” adding that the former government employee “caused great damage to the U.S.” Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard recently told Joe Rogan that she would be inclined to drop the charges against Julian Assange and grant Snowden, who is reportedly living in Russia, a pardon.

Edward Snowden has been the subject of books and a movie directed by Oliver Stone. But now he is guiding the conversation and in doing so appears ready to expose the tactics of social media giants. His timing can’t be a coincidence with Zuckerberg and Facebook currently in the spotlight for the Libra digital currency. Snowden recently referred to bitcoin as “free money” after previously stating that the leading cryptocurrency wouldn’t stand the test of time.

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