Donald Trump: ‘Very Slow’ Joe Biden a ‘Delusional Democrat Fantasy’ | Breitbart

Donald Trump: ‘Very Slow’ Joe Biden a ‘Delusional Democrat Fantasy’ | Breitbart

President Donald Trump ridiculed former Vice President Joe Biden again on Friday, noting that the 2020 presidential candidate was a “fantasy” for Democrats.

“In the delusional democrat fantasy, I am now supposed to be afraid of someone called one percent Joe,” Trump said.

The president pointed out that Biden struggled to get more than one percent support when he ran for president in 1988 and 2007, until Barack Obama selected him as his running mate.

“We’ve now named him very slow Sleepy Joe,” Trump said. “He’s gotten slower and slower. I’m afraid that if he gets the nomination, he’ll be so slow, we’ll have the lowest-rated debates in history.”

The president commented on Biden during his rally in Mississippi on Friday, again criticizing the vice president and his son Hunter Biden for their corruption in Ukraine.

He reminded his supporters that he beat the Clinton and Bush dynasties in 2016 despite President Barack Obama’s attempt to campaign for Hillary Clinton.

“Then they figured they could take us out a different way, very dishonestly right?” he asked. “With the lying, and the spying, and the leaking, and we are kicking their ass, let me tell you.”

The crowd roared with support for the president.

Trump said it was nonsense that he was afraid of Biden, requiring him to try to get Ukraine to help him win the election.

“These people are sick!” Trump said.

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