Donald Trump: Success Will Bring Our Divided Country Together

Donald Trump: Success Will Bring Our Divided Country Together

President Donald Trump was asked twice during a town hall in Pennsylvania about the increasingly divided country under his presidency.

One businessman asked Trump if he could deliver his agenda in a less combative tone.

“I think the country is far more united than people think and ultimately what is uniting the country is success,” Trump replied.

Trump commented on the state of American politics during a Fox News town hall on Thursday in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

One woman wearing a Trump pin asked him how he planned to bring the country together, noting that some members of her family had completely cut her off because of politics.

“Politicians have to be able to be civil,” he said. “If they’re not, you have to fight back.”

Trump said that he would continue to fight the “radical left” Democrats, even though there were some Democrats willing to make a deal.

He also said that his re-election might kick loose the Democrat opposition to his agenda.

“I really believe we’re going to win this next election, and when we do, the other side is going to say, OK, that’s it, let’s get along,” he said, as the crowd applauded. “I really believe that. But we have to win the election.”

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