Donald Trump: Hunter Biden Couldn’t Recognize a Gas Tank | Breitbart

Donald Trump: Hunter Biden Couldn’t Recognize a Gas Tank | Breitbart

President Donald Trump continued attacking Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden on Friday, during a political rally in Louisiana.

“He doesn’t know what a gasoline tank looks like,” Trump said, explaining that Biden’s son knew nothing about energy despite earning up to $83,000 a month for sitting on a board of a corrupt energy company in Ukraine.

Trump also ripped Hunter for leaving China with $1.5 billion in investments from the bank of China despite knowing “nothing.”

He also mocked the news broadcasts for repeatedly saying that Trump’s claims of corruption were “totally unsubstantiated” … at Biden’s request.

“It’s not unsubstantiated, he took a fortune out of Ukraine, knew nothing, took a fortune out of China,” he said.

He expressed skepticism that Hunter Biden was able to get $1.5 billion in Chinese investments because they thought he was a good investment.

“For a guy to walk in from off the street with no experience, a bad track record, just got thrown out of the navy, and he walks away with $1.5 billion?” Trump said.

Trump commented that the “fake news” would never allow any of his children to do the same thing.

“Can you imagine if Don Jr. or if Eric Trump, or beautiful Ivanka … can you imagine if they walked out with $1.5 billion?” Trump asked. “They wouldn’t say ‘totally unsubstantiated.’ They would say, ‘Where is the nearest cell?”

Trump commented that Hunter Biden continued to be absent from Biden’s campaign.

“By the way, where’s Hunter?” Trump said, recalling his speech on Thursday night at a rally in Minnesota. He noted that his campaign made his question into a t-shirt that was selling in record numbers.

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