Dan Meuser: Trump Going to Win Pennsylvania ‘Because He’s Delivered on His Promises’ | Breitbart

Dan Meuser: Trump Going to Win Pennsylvania ‘Because He’s Delivered on His Promises’ | Breitbart

Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA) told Breitbart News Saturday that President Donald Trump will win Pennsylvania during the 2020 presidential election because he has “delivered on his promises.”

Congressman Meuser spoke with Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle regarding the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, and the president’s prospects for winning Pennsylvania during the upcoming presidential election.

Breitbart News Saturday host Boyle noted that Pennsylvania serves as one of the key battleground states for the 2020 presidential election.

The Pennsylvania conservative said that Trump will win Pennsylvania, because Pennsylvanians realize that the impeachment inquiry is “ridiculous” and that Trump has “delivered” on his campaign promises.

Rep. Meuser said that Pennsylvanians are “rallying around him in my district, but everywhere, because even Democrats say that this is ridiculous. It’s political; all they are trying to do is damage the president. Why can’t they just get back to work?”

Meuser added, “And I will tell you why the president is going to win in Pennsylvania: because he’s delivered on his promises. He hasn’t lost a vote, he has not lost a vote, and he’s picked up many because he’s delivered. Those that thought it was all talk, look at our economy. Pennsylvania is benefitting, of course, from it: unemployment at the lowest numbers in our lifetime, manufacturing picking up, wages going up, anyone who wants a job…can find a job.”

“We have new openings for distribution centers, and in manufacturing, it’s taking place regularly,” the Pennsylvania congressman added.

Meuser also said that Pennsylvania farmers “are for the president.”

He added that Pennsylvania is also “booming in natural gas.”

“Pennsylvania can be the new Texas if we do things right,” Rep. Meuser said.

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