Crypto’s Next Big ICO – Safex Platinum Token (SXP) Creator of Pay Back Free! Private Loans

Crypto’s Next Big ICO – Safex Platinum Token (SXP) Creator of Pay Back Free! Private Loans

Need a loan that pays itself back!? There is now a Privacy Token for that!

Safeth.io proudly announces July 4th as the official Safex Platinum token ICO start date. This breakthrough blockchain technology will offer “Payment Free Private Lending”, for those owners of $SXP. Safeth will offer ALL 21 million tokens to the public, with tier 1 of 4 offerings only 500k $SXP at 2.5 cents each + an additional 10 Safeth Cash $SEC per $SXP purchased, tier 2 will offer only 3 million $SXP at 5 cents each + 5 Safeth Cash $SEC per $SXP).

Safex Platinum tokens will be stake-able and allocate rewards to both miners and staked tokens every block that passes, Safeth Cash will be minable and it will be the private cryptonote RandomX currency used for all loans and purchases on the Safex Platinum blockchain and Safeth marketplaces.

Safeth will launch both an online web store as well as a decentralized marketplace application; both will collect a 1% fee from every sale towards staked $SXP.

These private loans are 100% payment free” in other words, the borrower does not have to encumber repayment ever, simply purchase Safex Platinum Tokens and lock them into our blockchain. Safeth.io is a privately owned not a publicly-traded technology company from Colorado and was founded in 2018 By Joseph Lathus and Co-Founder Cynthia Lathus and since has grown its staff to include Mustapha Cole as the director of Safeth Africa. Safeth promotes ending poverty worldwide through blockchain technology and private lending.



Founder – Joseph Lathus

Co-Founder – Cynthia Lathus

Inquiries: admin(at)safeth.io

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Last modified: June 2, 2020 5:14 PM UTC

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