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Coronavirus: Exiled Billionaire Says China Is Burning 1,200 Bodies a Day

Coronavirus: Exiled Billionaire Says China Is Burning 1,200 Bodies a Day
  • Evidence suggesting the Chinese government is hiding the true extent of the coronavirus outbreak is mounting.
  • Exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui says that the government is cremating 1,200 corpses a day in Wuhan alone.
  • Guo claims the government will install as many as 1.4 million portable incinerators across China to cremate coronavirus victims.

Official data indicate that the Communist Party of China (CPC) has successfully contained the coronavirus outbreak. But evidence suggesting that the CPC is lying keeps mounting. Even the CDC now believes China is severely underreporting the data.

Officially reported coronavirus cases have flat-lined in China. |Source: Johns Hopkins CSSE

Whistleblower Claims China is Burning Over 1,200 Bodies a Day in Wuhan

According to exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, the situation may be a lot direr than what the CPC is letting on. Guo has a history of accurately blowing the whistle against his former government.

Just a few weeks ago, he claimed the coronavirus death toll had crossed 50,000. At the time, official statistics suggested that only 800 people had died from the infection.

Last week, Guo speculated that coronavirus had infected as many as 5 million people in China, with the death toll crossing 200,000.

Source: Twitter

Guo Wengui’s statements are getting grimmer by the day, and his latest one is even more shocking. His sources estimate that the CPC is using 40 portable incinerators to cremate 1,200 bodies a day in Wuhan:

The capacity of each one is five tons. Five tons equal to 30 corpses. One incinerator can burn 30 corpses. 40 portable incinerators have been sent to Wuhan. 40 incinerators times 30 corpses. It’s 1,200. 1,200 corpses are burned each day using these incinerators.

That’s not all; Guo also said these incinerators are connected directly to the doors of several hospitals. He alleges the CPC has sent 400,000 such incinerators across China, with a million more on the way.

The rising sulfur dioxide levels in the air surrounding Wuhan and other coronavirus-plagued Chinese cities corroborate Guo’s claims.

Guo’s Infection Claims Might Be True

China has done a terrible job of containing the spread of coronavirus. The CPC’s authoritarian measures may have even led to a rise in infections.

The exponential rise in coronavirus cases has overwhelmed hospitals in Wuhan. Since hospitals are out of beds, people suspected of having coronavirus are forced into mass quarantine centers.

To contain the spread, people who either exhibit symptoms or those who have come in close contact with confirmed coronavirus cases are put into isolation centers. Some have even accused the CPC of putting dissenters into the isolation centers under the guise of quarantine.

Based on these reports, not everyone placed in isolation centers had coronavirus. Putting them with hundreds of other people in close quarters almost guarantees cross-infection.

Given that coronavirus can circulate through the air, it’s possible that the CPC’s authoritarian quarantining has infected scores of healthy people.

Guo’s Coronavirus Death Claims may be Overblown

Mounting evidence proves that the CPC is lying about the true extent of the coronavirus outbreak. But this doesn’t verify Guo Wengui’s claims. Just because China has a certain number of portable incinerators, it doesn’t mean they are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Also, it’s possible that the incinerators are not exclusively used for human cremation. Some of them could be burning animal carcasses.

The situation is grimmer than what the CPC is letting on. But the truth probably lies somewhere between the official statistics and Guo’s claims.

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Last modified: February 24, 2020 2:40 PM UTC

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