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Bravio Will Develop and Disseminate a Fully Tokenised iGaming & Lottery Platform

Bravio Will Develop and Disseminate a Fully Tokenised iGaming & Lottery Platform

London England – January 6th, 2020 – Bravio Technologies Limited. (“Bravio” or the “Company“) a lottery service provider that allows its national and international customers the opportunity to order and manage lottery tickets online, and the operator of FreeLotto.com, one of the largest online marketing and free member acquisition companies in the world is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Software & Licensing Agreement with LFE Group Holdings Limited the owner of amongst other things, The London Football Exchange (“LFE”), LFECash (“LFEC”) and LFE Football Group (“LFG”).

LFE is poised to be the world’s first fully-integrated Football Club Stock Exchange and fan marketplace harnessing the power of the blockchain and moreover is underpinned by the LFECash token, currently available on StellarX.

Following on from its latest market announcement, LFE aims to further scale its token reach and launch LFECash on multiple exchanges, including the hugely popular Bitcoin.com Exchange.

About the Agreement:

Under the agreement, Bravio has granted the LFE Group non-restricted, access to its iGaming technology, inclusive of free to play products and potentially quick-fire monetised social Games. Bravio is assuming the development, supply and ongoing management responsibility for a “first of its kind” fully operational digital iGaming vertical, the enhanced platform is intended to feature LFECash and potentially real money related iGaming entertainment including poker, slots/casino, a fully integrated Sports Book and potentially various “quick fire” LFECash themed Keno games. Bravio also assumes full responsibility for all technical/operational and administrative support services.

Furthermore, once enhanced the LFECash iGaming platform’s aim is to support internationally recognised mega Jackpot lotteries such as the US PowerBall and the US Mega Millions, allowing any LFECash holder the opportunity to purchase original lottery tickets directly from the tokenised LFECash wallet.

The platform proposes to support a full assortment of tailored consumer games, allowing LFECash to become widely adopted amongst football and non-football fans throughout the world.

The LFE iGaming platform is to be integrated and easily accessed directly from the LFE website or any other affiliated distribution platform as desired by the LFE Group. These proposed platform entry points, should the need arise can be tailored to each LFE Group affiliate partner.

Under this agreement, LFECash wallet holders will also acquire direct access to various themed Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash decentralized iGames, LFECash customers will soon have the option to pay for entry into various gaming and lotteries using either BTC or BCH as an alternative consideration to participate.

Jim Aylward, Head of LFE added “I am delighted to be aligned with Bravio and to demonstrate that our affiliated companies are committed to the LFE Group vision. Bravio has a demonstrated track record, they are engaged by professional Football Clubs worldwide. For me, I always wanted LFE to be aligned with such partners that can… and have…. and continue to execute on a best in class basis. Our ultimate goal is to bring LFECash to the global sports community, we believe that Bravio are a fantastic addition to the LFE community and are well positioned to assist the LFE Group within its sports and community engagement strategy.”

Paul Carroll, Bravio CEO added: “Speaking on behalf of the whole Bravio team, we are extremely pleased to have this opportunity and to provide our iGaming technology and management services to the LFE Group of companies. Jim and the LFE Group have created a highly scalable business model, this was demonstrated in November when the LFECash token had an extremely successful launch on the StellarX Exchange. The platform that Bravio is developing will be a “first of its kind”, we will be connecting into the LFE Group’s inter-related ecosystem, an ecosystem consisting of sports clubs and their communities, media groups, multiple e-commerce platforms and a global financing division. We have spent quite a lot of time discussing national/international consumer and sports community behaviour, different demographic restraints, the LFE Group extremely powerful ecosystem and how we intend to connect some of the world’s biggest sporting groups to the LFECash entertainment platform and we are intending to launch the new initiatives early this year. Its without doubt exiting times ahead for LFE, LFECash and Bravio”

About LFECash, LFG, The London Football Exchange, LFE Market, LFE Sports and the LFE Foundation:

LFECash, following on from its recent announcement, LFE has acquired institutional backing from the Fortune Star Digital Asset Fund. Under a three-year lockup deal, the Fund has secured 3,547,437,988 LFE Cash tokens, the deal itself was completed by its parent group Fortune Star Investments Ltd (“FSI”). FSI have provided much-needed working capital and guidance for the LFE management team since closing out the ITO. Fortune Star Digital Asset Fund has appointed fund administrator IFINA UK to act and has confirmed the fund has a three-year lock-up which IFINA UK have also confirmed independently.

Notably, the LFECash token was one of the most top two hotly traded tokens on in its debut week of trading on the StellarX Exchange.

LFG, LFE Football Group is the project arm of the LFE Group that is creating a multi-club ownership platform whereby LFE shall acquire a controlling stake and potentially own multiple football clubs around the world and integrate a youth development and commercial pathway for players, LFE Token holders and fans alike.

The London Football Exchange, is a financial, technology, media and entertainment group that operates in various spheres derived from the professional sporting arena, mainly association football with multi-sport ambitions. It is poised to be the world’s first ever football club stock exchange that shall be regulated in amongst other places the UK and EU. LFE will allow fans, traders and investors to acquire shares in their favourite football clubs globally.

LFE Market, is an online community allowing members to partake in various club and fan experiences from match day tickets, tours, and player meet and greets, to specific merchandise and third-party offers. The LFE Market is powered through the use of the LFE Token, the world’s foremost football-based Cryptocurrency enabling a one-stop shop for fans around the world to acquire unique fan experiences. In addition to accessing special membership services, the LFE Token holders will have priority access to enter the LFE Exchange for member-oriented services and offers.

LFE Sports, is the investment arm of the group that is dedicated to making socially responsible sports club investments globally. LFE Sports believes in the core value of developing youth from a grassroots level. In particular, LFE Sports looks to provide equal opportunities to all those that enter the programs around the world.

LFE Foundation has been created to further the message of inclusion, peace, and education through the widespread playing of team sports globally. The foundation is embarking upon many endeavours from football scholarships, academy construction, medical assistance, disaster relief and various education-driven projects in the developing world.

Overall, LFE is a powerful organization of change yet set within a commercial environment. LFE believes in fan engagement for the development of youth and creation of employment, LFE is here to make a positive difference for all those that engage with the LFE Community.

Contact: sten@lfe-token.com

Media:    Twitter | Telegram | Website

Token Ticker:  LFECash (LFEC)

Exchanges:  StellarX | Interstellar

About Bravio:

Bravio is a lottery service provider that allows its national and international customers the opportunity to order and manage lottery tickets online, by allowing individuals to choose their numbers and safely order tickets for the official lottery drawings around the world, Bravio makes it simple for users to keep track of their tickets and winnings. Bravio operates the FreeLotto.com sweepstakes, online marketing and free member acquisition website. FreeLotto.com has attracted over 65 million members to date and has awarded nearly $100 million in prize money.

Since its inception in 1999, FreeLotto members have played over 3.7 Billion Games.

Currently, the FreeLotto website attracts over 7.3 million unique visitors per month and produces over 20,000 small prize winners per month. FreeLotto offers free membership and a subscription service for its daily sweepstakes games. FreeLotto is one of the largest and most recognised customer acquisition companies in the world and boasts over 65m registered members since 1999.

On behalf of the Board of Bravio Technologies Limited.

Paul Carroll

Founder & CEO

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