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Bitcoin SV’s Craig Wright Bites Back: “I Gave Kleiman Lawyers Nothing”

  • Bitcoin SV creator says Kleiman estate will find nothing in the 16,000-plus document cache he submitted to courts on Jan. 14.
  • Court filing confirms that no new information came to light regarding a bonded courier, or the private keys to Satoshi’s fortune.
  • Wright said 2020 would be the year when reality comes back to bite those who pushed the ‘Aussie Man Bad’ narrative.

Creator of Bitcoin SV, Craig S Wright, revealed to CCN that the Kleiman estate will get nothing, because he gave them nothing.

Wright’s remarks come hot on the heels of reports that he lawfully submitted the private keys to Satoshi Nakamoto’s fortune. In truth, Wright only submitted a cache of over 16,000 used bitcoin addresses which Kleiman’s counsel will now have to sort through.

Craig Wright: “They Still Have Nothing”

But Craig Wright maintains that the lawyers for the Kleiman estate will find nothing. When asked what the attorneys for the prosecution could hope to find in his latest submission, Wright replied:

There is this thing called legal privilege. Where something comes from a law firm, it is privileged. The other side have everything they asked for, and that is the problem – they still have nothing because there is nothing.

The latest filing by the prosecution states Wright complied with Judge Rheinart’s order to produce on Jan. 14. The filing states that no mention was made of the bonded courier who was supposed to arrive with slices of a private key.

The document produced by Craig is simply a list of 16,404 addresses. Craig, however, did not provide any information on the bounded courier, the company he/she worked for, when he/she came, or the message delivered.

One Twitter observer noted that Wright’s behavior was in effect pushing Kleiman’s counsel to take serious action.

Are Wright’s antics designed to purposely provoke the Kleiman estate? | Source: @MrBrendanJay, Twitter

Aussie Man Is Coming For You!

Multiple theories speculate on the reason behind Bitcoin SV’s miraculous 286% weekly surge. Some refuse to put Bitcoin SV’s controversial past behind it, and claim an exit-scam is imminent.

Others suggest Wright is playing the long game – trailing Kleiman’s lawyers along in order to profit from the public exposure. On Wednesday, news outlets were quick to associate Wright’s supposed submission of the ‘Satoshi Keys’ with the pump of BSV.

But Wright himself is having none of it. He claims 2020 will be the year that he comes back to bite those who oppose his vision of Bitcoin.

This year starts a new narrative. Aussie bad man is coming for them. Aussie bad man is going to bring them to law. Reality is gonna bite and is gonna bite hard.

When asked how it felt to be at the helm of the fourth largest cryptocurrency in the world, Wright didn’t seem fussed. (After all, he does claim to have already created the first largest cryptocurrency in the world):

I feel exactly the same. I designed the only way that bitcoin can work and I’m getting to see it implemented finally. It’s not about price, it’s about building my systems. In time, bitcoin becomes just like IP in the Internet. It is an underlying protocol that enables much much more.

A Clash of Satoshi’s Visions

As for those who do oppose Wright’s vision, he wastes little time in summing up their motivations. According to Wright, even bright-eyed optimists like Anton Antonopolous are nothing more than peddlers of a corrupt system. Wright told CCN:

As for Aussie bad man, the people who hate me most of those run Ponzis, want revolution and anarchy, promote child porn and crime. Even Mr Antonopoulos in sworn testimony stated how good it would be for bitcoin to help child exploitation expand without government interference. These lowlife scum other people calling me a bad man.

The narrative Wright continues to push sees Bitcoin SV as the law-friendly version of bitcoin. Wright’s vision for Bitcoin SV remains in stark contrast to much of the anarchist cypherpunks around whom bitcoin was formed.

Whether Wright is to be taken at face value or not, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that he is not Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin personally compiled this cache of public missteps by Wright which suggest he’s not Satoshi.

What does Wright have to say about Buterin? Oh, just that he’s running a ponzi operation which scams “uninformed and unsophisticated” investors out of their money.

The show continues.

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This article was edited by Sam Bourgi.