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Bitcoin Dumps Retreat With $9,000 Rally Imminent, Analysts Predict

  • The deescalation of the situation in Iran may have triggered a round of profit taking in bitcoin.
  • Multiple analysts remain bullish on the top cryptocurrency predicting that it won’t go any lower than $7,800.
  • While not all analysts are boldly optimistic, one must consider that bitcoin’s corrections during bull markets tend to be shallow and short-lived.

After a strong rally catalyzed by the tensions in Iran, bitcoin is starting to show signs of exhaustion. From a low of $6,853.53 on January 3rd, the digital gold soared and posted a 2020 high of $8,463.57 in less than a week.

Since then, the cryptocurrency has been succumbing to profit taking. That’s not surprising considering that bitcoin printed gains of over 23 percent in a short period of time. Many analysts are predicting that the best level to bottom pick bitcoin would be $7,700 or lower.

Some analysts are predicting bitcoin to drop to as low as $7,700 | Source: Twitter

If you’re waiting for BTC to drop lower, I may have some bad news for you. Some of the widely-followed analysts on Twitter are predicting that the pullback is over. It is very likely that the top cryptocurrency won’t drop any lower than $7,800 before rallying to $8,800 or even $9,000.

Bitcoin’s Bullish Narrative Is Intact As Long As It Trades Above $7,800

Bitcoin appears to be losing steam as the turmoil in the Middle East deescalates. Without any catalyst to push the cryptocurrency higher, it appears that a significant move down should be expected.

Nevertheless, several analysts believe that momentum has swung to the side of the bulls. The cryptocurrency is now dancing to a different tune. Liquidity-game theorist Majin called for a correction at $8,400. According to the analyst, the pullback gives whales a chance to add more longs.

Majin called for the pullback before BTC touched $8,400 | Source: Twitter

Interestingly, bitcoin appears to have printed a low at $7,872.09, which is seven points shy of Majin’s bottom of $7,865. The analyst added that a rally from current levels would surprise almost everyone and introduce FOMO.

FOMO begins as soon as bitcoin ignites the next leg up | Source: Twitter

Other Widely-Followed Analysts Share Majin’s Bullish Outlook

Majin is not the only one who believes that the bitcoin correction ran its course. Trader Galaxy also thinks that the number one cryptocurrency would not dip below $7,800. The analyst posted on Twitter a possible roadmap to $8,800.

Galaxy walks the talk as the trader took a long position at $8,000 | Source: Twitter

In addition, a pseudonymous trader named CryptoWolf also predicts that the dominant cryptocurrency wouldn’t drop lower than $7,860. Should bulls hold that level, the previous resistance would be turned into support. This would catapult the cryptocurrency to his initial target of $9,550.

However, not everyone is boldly optimistic. For instance, CryptoThies is waiting for a deep pullback to between $7,300 and $7,500.

The CryptoThies may be waiting for a pullback that never happens | Source: Twitter

If you’ve been following bitcoin for many years, you’d know that the king of cryptocurrencies has the tendency to leave bottom pickers behind once it turns bullish. Corrections are often shallow and short-lived. Those who wait for a reasonable pullback are usually forced to buy at a higher price.

We’ve seen this happen in all the four parabolic advances of bitcoin in the past. If the top cryptocurrency is in a new bull market, there’s no reason to expect it to behave differently. A move towards $8,800 – $9,000 should further validate this view.

Disclaimer: The above should not be considered trading advice from CCN. The writer owns bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

This article was edited by Samburaj Das.