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Bitcoin Bull John McAfee Responds to $100M ‘Zombie ICO’ Lawsuit


John McAfee

Bitcoin bull John McAfee wants to resolve his disagreement with the South China Zombie Research Centre over their “zombie ICO” partnership. | Source: REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini

Bitcoin bull John McAfee wants to resolve his dispute with the South China Zombie Research Centre over their “zombie ICO” partnership.

China Zombie threatened to file a $100 million lawsuit against McAfee. In an angry tweetstorm, China Zombie claims McAfee trashed them in a white paper they had hired him to write to promote their ICO.

McAfee claims he was paid $4.5 million upfront to shill the zombie cryptocurrency.

John McAfee: China Zombie is ‘a serious company with serious goals’

McAfee told CCN today (Sept. 6) that this is a huge misunderstanding. He insists that he’s not trivializing China Zombie’s research.

To the contrary, McAfee told CCN that “it is a serious company with serious goals.”

Moreover, he says he regrets “this misunderstanding and hopes this issue can be resolved.”

bitcoin bull john mcafee zombie ico lawsuit
The South China Zombie Research Centre is furious at John McAfee, whom they hired to promote their zombie ICO.  | Source: Twitter

As CCN reported last month, McAfee accepted an advisory position with China Zombie to promote their CZ Coin ($CZ).

Basically, China Zombie insists that zombies are real and can be taught to use cryptocurrencies.

McAfee claimed that he was genuinely fascinated by China Zombie’s research.

Bitcoin Bull John McAfee Shills Zombie ICO: ‘You’ve Been Warned’ https://t.co/y9AeP7oXne

— CCN Markets (@CCNMarkets) August 24, 2019

McAfee explained that a zombie cryptocurrency is necessary because you might encounter one and will need to bribe them to not eat your brains.

“If a zombie attacks you…you give the zombie a bunch of coins and it eats your neighbor instead of you,” he reasoned.

People asking: “Why does the zombie company need their own crypto?”

Because — the coin is to be used by both Zombies and people. If a zombie attacks you, you can negotiate a transaction whereby you give the zombie a bunch of coins and it eats your neighbor instead of you.

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) August 25, 2019

The @china_zombie people have created their protective medallion which all purchasers of $50 or more worth of the CZ coin will receive. The company insists that their retrovirus that has spread to all zombies is generically keyed to these medallions. Possessors will not be eaten. pic.twitter.com/dIPj5Xeaaj

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) August 26, 2019

McAfee: ‘Do not invest in this sh**coin!!’

The partnership quickly soured after McAfee mocked China Zombie in the white paper they reportedly paid him $4.5 million to write.

In a scathing disclaimer, McAfee slammed the concept, calling it the “most absurd concept in the history of crypto.”

He even warned readers “do not invest in this sh**coin!!”

john mcafee zombie ico white paper
John McAfee warned readers to not invest in the zombie ICO “under any circumstances.” | Source: IAmMcAfee.com

McAfee: I was mocking the SEC, not the zombie ICO

It’s understandable that China Zombie would be furious that its own spokesman would urge investors to avoid its product at all costs.

However, John McAfee has since backpedaled. He told CCN that China Zombie misunderstood the intent of his preliminary white paper.

McAfee explained that he was “making fun of the SEC’s ludicrous involvement in cryptocurrencies by writing the only Disclaimer Section that could possibly meet their requirements.”

McAfee further claims that he never meant to disparage China Zombie. In fact, he praised them for doing “profound research into chemically-induced Zombieism.”

Moreover, McAfee claims their research has “uncovered bad actors in multiple countries who are attempting to use advanced research chemicals to potentially destabilize entire cultures.”

Reminder: McAfee is still running for president

The U.S. Government has become an asylum for the criminally insane. pic.twitter.com/zKtgRe7Ugs

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) September 3, 2019

It could be that all of this is just a big joke that John McAfee is playing on everyone. He has trolled the crypto-sphere before. Either way, he’s living life and having fun.

Oh, and McAfee is still running for U.S. president. Even though he says the government has “become an asylum for the criminally insane.” So the zombies are already here.