Biden: Trump’s Election Rhetoric Could Spark Violence

Biden: Trump’s Election Rhetoric Could Spark Violence

Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden said Friday on MSNBC that President Donald Trump’s comments about not committing to a peaceful transfer of power could cause “some kind of violence.”

Anchor Stephanie Ruhle said, “Twice now, President Trump has refused to agree to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses. What are you going to do if you win, and he just won’t leave?”

Biden said, “Well, number one, the American people aren’t going to be shut down in this election. They are going to vote, and they are going to vote in large numbers, and they are just not going to be denied. It’s going to be clear from the beginning exactly where this is going. But look. No, this is a typically Trump distraction, trying to make everybody wonder whether or not the election will be legit and whether or not absentee ballots will count while he is writing his absentee ballot out and filling out his absentee ballot out to vote in Florida. Every vote in this country will be heard, and they will not be stopped. I’m confident that all of the — we will have an election in this country as we always have had, and he’ll leave.”

He added, “The power of the oval office depends on those with authority to enforce what he says. You know, he already has six members of his administration who were four-star generals and major positions on Homeland Security and the like who said this guy is not fit to be president. I don’t think he is going to get the FBI to follow him or get anybody else to enforce something that is not real. Now what I am concerned about is whether he generates some kind of response in a way that unsettles the society or causes some kind of violence when he talks about, ‘Well, you know, by the time the polls closed, I was winning on the vote, you know. But now these votes coming in late.’ But I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere. I think the American people are on to this guy. ”

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