Biden: I Support National Police Misconduct Registry, Chokehold Ban

Biden: I Support National Police Misconduct Registry, Chokehold Ban

During an interview aired on Tuesday’s “Justice for All” special on CBS, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden said he supports a national registry on police misconduct and a federal ban on chokeholds.

While discussing the registry, Biden said, “as I understand the registry, the police have a requirement to, where there’s use of force against an individual and/or a police officer, it gets reported to the Department of Justice so there’s an ongoing file.” He also stated that he thinks information like the complaints against former police officer Derek Chauvin should be public.

Biden also laid out other prongs of his plan, stating, “Number one, you have to start off by insisting that the police departments meet a national standard of what constitutes policing that is appropriate, and all police departments are going to have to adopt it. We’ll put together a commission to do that. Secondly, we have to make sure that you have police officers who, in fact, when they act inappropriately, are, in fact, not only fired, but held accountable if there’s a criminal offense, and be held accountable for that offense. Thirdly, we have to, in my view, change the way the entire criminal justice system functions and the prison system. It should turn into a rehabilitation system, not into just punishment.”

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