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Best Job Ever? Get PAID to Pig Out at NFL Stadiums & Watch Football – CCN Markets

Best Job Ever? Get PAID to Pig Out at NFL Stadiums & Watch Football – CCN Markets

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One sports betting site just poste the BEST job listing ever: NFL food tester. That’s right, you’ll get paid to pig out and watch football. | Source: Joe Robbins / Getty Images / AFP

The best jobs in the NFL are the ones where you earn a paycheck without risking catastrophic brain damage: general manager, kicker, maybe even waterboy. But none compares to the latest job listing from PicksWise: NFL food tester.

The sports betting site is paying lucky fans $500 to go to NFL stadiums and do what they would’ve done at home anyway: stuff their faces while watching football.

NFL Food Tester Wanted

So what does an NFL food tester do? Here’s the job description:

“We want someone to go to games and eat the best signature dishes throughout the league to give us a verdict on which team does the best dishes and rating each one from every team to determine who is number one.”

As yummy as the offer sounds, a recent tweet by PickWise suggests the gig could get repetitive fast. They posted a poll today, asking which NFL food is the best between nachos, (hot)dogs, and wings.

What’s your favourite football food?🏈🌭

Let’s hear it!

— PickswiseNFL (@PickswiseNFL) August 30, 2019

While no good American football fan would scoff at those options, things could get repetitive by the 27th nacho plate.

Luckily, the menus have started to evolve. 

The NFL’s Best Stadium Food

Many NFL teams are moving beyond the old dog & bun model.

Baltimore might’ve done the best job. The “Baltimore Dip” features a shaved prime rib with aged cheddar cheese, roasted pepper relish, horseradish sauce, and crab dip “au jus.”

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh’s Primanti Bros can’t bring themselves to make a sandwich without stuffing it with french fries and coleslaw. Fine with us.

While the NFL refuses to pay players in bitcoin, NFL fans will gladly be paid in calories. 

If you want to give your arteries a little break, look no further than LA. The Los Angeles Chargers offer their own version of a BLT, which includes beets, arugula, and goat cheese.

The LA Chargers may not have any, you know, actual fans at the stadium…but they do offer this veggie BLT! https://t.co/KvsnA0iQUO pic.twitter.com/FFG6LnhvuB

— SI Eats (@SI_Eats) October 15, 2017

How to Enter the Football Food Tester Contest

Interested tasters simply need to respond to the PickWise pinned tweet about the competition. You should post a photo of yourself at an NFL game – or at least pigging out on your favorite snack.

Like Football?🏈

Like food? 🌭🍔

We have the perfect opportunity for you!

Win the chance to become Pickswise Official NFL Food Tester here ▶ https://t.co/XdkBBhzEyQ pic.twitter.com/coJHRSjQgO

— PickswiseNFL (@PickswiseNFL) August 29, 2019

Contestants must be 21 years-of-age and submit their NFL food tester applications by September 9th.

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