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Pakcoin is a cryptocurrency focused primarily on Pakistanis. Pakcoin’s goal is to bring cryptocurrency usage into real lives in a manner as easy as possible for a common man.

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Pakcoin is the premier digital currency for Pakistan. It is based on Litecoin and is 1% premined. These premined coins will be used for development and airdrop to Pakistanis.(

THE BENEFITS OF PAKCOIN – Nearly instant transactions with a nearly impossible risk of fraud due to the unbreakable security Cryptocurrencies have to offer Mine-able by everyone however 150,000 Pakistanis will receive 50 Pakcoins for free through airdrop Zero or very low processing fees when sending Pakcoins around the world


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TX fee

0.001 – 0.1 PAK depending on your amount

Mining Rewards

50 PAK per block, halving every 3 years

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