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Are Prince Harry & Meghan Markle “Roving Royals” Or Just “Homeless”?

Are Prince Harry & Meghan Markle “Roving Royals” Or Just “Homeless”?
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reportedly planned on being “international royals” from the start.
  • So far, they’re no longer royals, and Prince Harry is unhappy in Los Angeles.
  • These two are looking less like jet-setters and more like the richest homeless couple in history.

A royal insider claims that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a pact in the early days of their relationship. They didn’t want to be tied down. They wanted to be international jet setters from the start.

On the one hand, they’ve succeeded. They are international travelers. They have escaped the UK.

But on the other hand, they’re failing epically.

The couple doesn’t appear to be globetrotting so much as running from something. Whatever they hoped to find in Los Angeles is eluding them. And while they have mansions strewn across the globe, the former royals no longer have a place to call “home.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: the “Roving Royals”

A royal commentator recently told 9Honey that the couple had international aspirations from the start. The source claims:

I was told from a very early stage in their courtship, they had told a friend of Harry’s that Meghan met quite early on that they wanted to international roving royals and that was going to be their focus.

While it has indeed been their focus, the couple is having a tough go at their attempt.

After leaving the only home he’s known, Prince Harry is reportedly feeling “rudderless” in Los Angeles. Without friends, a job, or a sense of purpose, some even speculate that his days in Los Angeles are numbered.

Prince Harry does not feel at home in Los Angeles. Meghan Markle has alienated the royal family. If LA doesn’t pan out, these “globetrotters” may soon be out of options.

Things Have Not Gone as Planned

I’m not sure what the couple imagined. Maybe they assumed that their royal status would translate in America. There, they would get all of the love and none of the toxic press coverage that hounded them in the UK.

Surely, Americans would fawn over their royal status while respecting their boundaries in ways the British tabloids refused to consider.

Source: Twitter

So far, neither has happened.

It doesn’t help that they’ve chosen to live in the paparazzi capital of the world, Los Angeles. Hoards of photographers will dedicate their lives to invading this couple’s privacy.

They’ve gotten some reprieve while locked down in their “paparazzi-proof” mansion, but that will fade as soon as they venture out into the world.

A few weeks ago, Lindsay Lohan touched on the couple’s looming struggles:

I mean, unless they own another, a different private beach, right? You can’t go to those beaches without being — you can’t even surf out far enough.

She added that it’s “really hard to do anything publically.”

The “Warm” American Embrace

And clearly, America is not falling in love with these two. That was abundantly clear when reports surfaced about the U.S. government paying for their security.

America has arguably never been more united than when they responded with outrage at the prospect of footing Harry & Meg’s security bill. When Trump gave an emphatic “no” to the couple, Twitter rejoiced.

Source: Twitter

Between the hounding press and the short American temper, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t look like ‘jet-setting’ young royals. They look like fledglings who escaped the nest but still don’t know how to fly.

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