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Are Cash-Strapped Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Nearing a ‘Breaking Point’?

Are Cash-Strapped Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Nearing a ‘Breaking Point’?
  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly running out of money.
  • Meghan has apparently ‘ordered’ Prince Harry to get a job.
  • Their financial struggles are affecting their relationship, but who’s to blame for this mess?

Meghan Markle’s Hollywood dreams could be fading fast. New reports suggest that she and Prince Harry are rapidly running out of money. And the strain on their finances is reportedly straining their relationship.

These two are having a rough beginning to their American journey. | Source: Twitter

Meghan Markle’ Orders’ Prince Harry to Save Them Both

According to UK news outlet Express, a “royal insider” claimed things are getting testy between the former royals. Express says Meghan has “ordered” Prince Harry to get a job. The insider explains:

Meghan is terrified that her dreams of being a Hollywood queen will be destroyed by this financial nightmare and she is insisting that Harry make a move and resolve the crisis.

That sounds like a job for a prince. Unfortunately, Harry is no longer an actual prince. The insider continues:

The big problem is that Harry has no marketable skills, has never had a real job…

He does not have a university degree nor does he know a second language. He only has military training.

Prince Harry has to be feeling a bit neutered. After all, this isn’t the first time Meghan has bossed him around.

What Did You Expect When You Left the Royal Family?

What, exactly, is the “crisis” that Meghan Markle wants him to solve? It seems to be the one she caused when she convinced his man to leave his royal family. Surely, there would be no money issues if these two still lived in the UK.

But since she convinced Prince Harry to leave, he’s now closer to just an average person. He doesn’t have the power he had when she married him. Donald Trump made that abundantly clear when he triumphantly denied the couple access to American-funded protection.

Trump tells the former royal couple he won’t pay for their security. | Source: Twitter

It’s like she fell in love with Superman and then immediately dressed him in kryptonite. He’s powerless now. Sure, he might be able to create something out of thin air based on his name alone, but it’s going to be much harder in this new economy.

Meghan Markle & Harry’s Relationship Is Starting to Get Rocky

The insider described their newly forming relationship issues:

Harry has given up on real life for his rebellious American wife, but his sacrifice is exploding in his face.

Their marriage is tense, they could be at a breaking point.

This comes after news that Harry ‘snapped’ when he decided to move to Canada with Meghan. He’s had mixed feelings about being stuck in a house with her. And now, they’ve already moved to LA.

Meghan Markle is risking a lot to get her time in the spotlight. Her relationship is apparently on the rocks. Her man left his family. Maybe this global pandemic slows down, and they get back on track. But it seems like she’ll stop at nothing until she becomes relevant in Hollywood. Hopefully, it’s worth it.

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