Open API uses Blockchain AI to bring instant liquidity to crypto exchanges


DOECOINS: The flexible and scalable open API solution will serve as the foundation for new applications with creating instant liquidity and trust for companies where peer to peer exchange and stable price discovery is desired and beneficial.

Clearwater, 29 July 2018 – Doecoins successfully launched its main instant exchange with the primary purpose of creating a public blockchain exchange with features and capabilities suitable for consumer and merchant use.

With its fast and secure blockchain based AI, Dogecoins Open API is projected to disrupt current business models by providing a truly decentralized instant exchange ecosystem that enables anyone to a better and more efficient process in blockchain trading and liquidity.

Since its inception in early 2014, Dogecoin’s was the first blockchain instant exchange focusing on providing a ‘no slippage’ instant cryptocurrency exchange for multiple coins based on a blockchain AI. It offers significant value by using blockchain innovation and an open API to ensure the best price value, instant liquidity, maximum transparency, traceability, and trust beyond traditional exchanges.

Antonis Valamontes, CEO of Inc, explains:

“We’re pleased to go live with our much-anticipated Open API exchange, which we consider a crucial step towards unveiling the immense potential of instant cryptocurrency liquidity in the blockchain to the world. We can finally start engaging with businesses and lead them through the next wave of digital transformation.”

The cryptographically secure, distributed data technology of Dogecoin will greatly benefit a wide range of industries which deal with slow, complex, and lengthy processes; compromised security and hefty fees. It is set to empower businesses to have instant liquidity of exchanged digital assets across trusted boundaries. It can expand the breadth of digital exchange from the dependence of a single exchange organization to eliminate speculation and protect bottom line sales.

Valamontes said:

“It’s only a matter of time until enterprise-grade blockchain cryptocurrency liquidity becomes an essential part of the business world. The conception of a smart instant exchange for a global economy built on this technology of trust is already at work as we speak, and we are proud to be a part of it.”


Dogecoins is a blockchain AI platform and marketplace tailored for CoinSwap, an automated platform that streamlines the exchange from one digital currency to another digital currency in real-time. It is based on a secure, and no ‘slippage’ blockchain AI protocol that monitors and selects the best exchange value from major existing cryptocurrency trade platforms.


Chrystoula Hararis,
PR Manager, Doecoins
Tel: +001 727 249 0819