Geodex is a Different Kind of Analytics Service

Geodex Heatmaps
Geodex Heatmaps
Geodex Heatmaps

Geodex tracks how the visitors interact with your website.  It tracks clicks, scrolls, traffic sources and present them as HeatMaps, & ScrollMaps Reports.  It can be a great tool for improving user experience and optimizing the website for conversions.  The plans range from Free (1 Domain) to $99/month for small business (multiple domains), packages include plans for Agencies. All paid plans come with 30 day free trial. Signup for a FREE Account For best results, Geodex should be used in conjunction with standard analytics service like Google Analytics.

Google Analytics shows us the “What,” then Geodex Heatmaps show us the “Where” of our website. In other words, it tracks exactly where our visitors are clicking on our website and how often they are doing it.”

We live in a massively competitive world, and if you don’t take every step to remain competitive, your business will simply land in the Internet graveyard. It is critical for a businesses to be a success online and web analytics has become a must-have tool. It is critical to have a really dynamic web site if you want it to stand out from the millions of other websites. 

What kind of user interaction are you looking for? 

You will surely want your clients to be placing orders for your products but are they?

Heatmaps 101: Movement Heatmaps

Movement heatmaps (Mouse Tracker) focus on where users navigate their mouse on your site – it’s a great measure of attention and engagement.

This is insightful because you can gauge whether the key areas of a page receive adequate attention.

Below, you can see that most of the user attention on our site is focused on the signup button and top links (hot-zone areas (orange red)). This is optimal, but there is also significant activity over the text above the scrolling images . We do not want this to be a distraction from our main call to action on the page, so balancing this movement activity is critical. This is where effective design, layout, typography, and color choice come into play.

Geodex Heatmap
Geodex Heatmap

In practice, the optimal page layout is dependent on visitors and how they behave. We tell clients to focus on one main goal for each page. Then, in each movement heatmap, make sure that content which supports that goal is located in the “hot” areas. This will improve usability and boost conversions.

We recommend you look at your movement heatmaps and see if they make sense. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Are there “hot” areas over content (buttons, links, text, etc.) that supports the overall page goal?
  • Are there “hot” areas over content (buttons, links, text, etc.) that detracts from the overall page goal?
  • Are there “hot” areas of equivalent size over each form field? If not, does having less activity make sense for some fields (optional comments, etc.)?
  • Are there “hot” areas over content that isn’t well explained/elaborated upon in the content? If so, visitors might be interested in learning more.

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